Annadale Equine specializes in equine rehabilitation, fitness, and breeding. Our facility, located in the tranquil river bottom of Sanger California, is devoted to exceeding our client’s expectations by providing the highest level of services possible. Our skilled facility managers ensure that our equine patients receive only the best care while in our hands. We also manage a very successful recipient mare program and provide a broad range of mare and foal services.

Professional event specialists manage the Venue at Annadale Equine. Our knowledgeable staff can help you plan, host, and create a truly unique and breathtaking event. From weddings to anniversary parties and special events, The Venue at Annadale Equine offers a breathtaking location to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.



Swimming provides the ideal medium to achieve or maintain a high level of fitness and condition without the dangers and potential injury that are inherent in track and ground workouts.  Although groundwork is a necessary part of the overall conditioning of a horse, more than 60% of the groundwork can be replaced with a well structured swimming program.


Recipient mares are the key to successful embryo transfer. Our location in Central California allows us to service the West Coast and it’s entirety with fertile, healthy, manageable mares as embryo transfer recipients.  We provide not only quality mares but have a large enough selection that allows us to offer multiple mares to several clients.


A unique destination for corporate events, social gatherings, and weddings.  Our Venue offers surroundings of beautiful horses, lush green pastures, natural creeks for beauty and ambience; all bringing life to your aspirations of that perfect day or event.  As your guests enter the gates and see the beautiful property they will be taken away in awe.