We are a family owned and run operation located in the beautiful Central Valley of California. We specialize in equine fitness, health, rehabilitation, and mare recipients and breeding. Our business was born from our passion and love for the equine athlete. We have built our business – and our livelihood, around this passion, and continue to grow and expand our business ventures every year. In 2016, we launched the Annadale Equine Recipient Mare Program, which has already partnered with some of the best veterinarians in the business to serve their recipiement mare and breeding needs.  In 2017 Annadale Equine’s primary focus will be on Equine Health and Mare Reproduction.

Bert McGill is a certified Equine Rehabilitation specialist with a background in Equine Physiology and Reproduction. He is the founder of Annadale Equine, and it’s primary equine specialist. Megan McGill has a background in Agricultural Business and helps to maintain the business operations at Annadale Equine. Megan manages all aspects of the Annadale Equine business enterprise, and also aids in the Recipient Mare Program and Rehabilitation needs.