At Annadale Equine, equine health and fitness is our specialty.  With our specialized equipment, state-of-the-art facilities, and knowledgeable staff, we can create a tailor-made exercise program for your equine athlete to help them to be in the best performance shape possible.  We will work with you to come up with the best fitness solution to fit and meet your goals.

We utilize a combination of an Equine Eurociser, an Equine Swimming Pool, and an Equivibe plate to achieve maximum fitness levels. Not sure if a fitness program is right for you? Feel free to contact us and speak to a specialist about different health and fitness program options.

Our Equine Health and Fitness program is the perfect solution for:

  • Athletes that have recovered from an injury
  • Athletes that have been laid off and need to get back into performance shape
  • Athletes that need to get into better shape for a performance or event


Our Swimming pool is a unique design exclusive to the west coast. The pool design is a replica of Kentucky Derby Winner and WinStar Farms Co-owner Bill Casner. The pool is designed to be eco-friendly, and also allows the horse to carry a more realistic body position while swimming as it would while moving out on the track or in competition. As with any pool it creates an environment that pushes a horse’s cardiovascular system to a level that creates an “iron-man” type competitor.


The equivibe is a treatment that will benefit ANY horse from resting lay-ups to post-ops – even humans! The plate creates vibration waves and when in contact with the plate it will send the waves throughout an animal’s or human’s body. These waves create increased blood flow which does many things for the body- promotes healing and strengthening of bones and tissue, promotes hoof growth, relaxes the mind and body and the list goes on.


Our Eurociser is a custom built free-movement Horse Walker. It allows free, untethered movement during a timed workout session that is carefully planned by our Rehabilitation Specialist. The ground in the Eurociser is made of chopped rubber material, which ensures a clean, shock-absorbent footing for equine athletes. The moving partitions create an open stall space, allowing the horses to move at pace freely within and throughout a workout.